As for the new attractions, Metro Fun Center is bringing two huge new attractions in early 2021. One is an indoor attraction that will be in PlayLand, the other will be installed in our parking lot.

Coming Spring 2020: The Hippo – the world’s largest water slide.

If you love water slides, the Hippo water slide is a lot to love. At four stories tall, it’s the tallest and longest water slide you will find
anywhere in the United States. Designed to be both exciting and safe, the Hippo water slide is scheduled to open here at Metro Fun Center as soon as weather permits–probably by the end of March 2021.

The Hippo is just one of several new outdoor additions we will be adding to Metro Fun Center this Spring. Others include peddle-driven go karts and more.

Coming January 2021 to Metro Fun Center – the massive InflataPark.

The inflatapark concept takes the idea of an inflatable to a whole new level. This massive inflatable park is like dozens and dozens of interconnected trampolines. Thrill seekers of all ages can bounce from one area to the next, and participate in a number of activities including
shooting hoops and much more.

We will be sending out more information about all the above via email, social media and web site updates.

For now, please just be aware that there are new pricing levels being put in place in 2021 for all Metro Fun Center activities. And there are new levels of FUN in store for you here in 2021.