Metro Fun Center is the Place for DragonCon Attendees to Play in Atlanta, GA

If you are attending DragonCon in Atlanta, GA this year you are likely planning for your time at the convention to be all about fun. From the iconic parade to the attendees strolling through the hotel lobbies in full costumes that wow the onlookers, DragonCon is all about indulging your inner science fiction fan, and having fun!This year, why not let that fun extend beyond the convention center when you get together with your friends and fellow DragonCon attendees at Metro Fun Center? With ten professional pool tables, 38 bowling lanes, a huge skating rink, arcades and more you and your friends are sure to have a blast when you choose Metro Fun Center for some in-between events and performances at DragonCon.

Roll Back to the 80’s

Whether you have been attending DragonCon since it burst onto the convention scene in 1987, or you’re just a history buff and know it all started in the 80’s. Either way, stepping onto our huge roller rink is sure to take you back. Roll around to music with your friends or, with a capacity of up to 1200 people, our roller rink is perfect for hosting your own special event or meetup outside of the convention.

Perfect Your Game on Our Ten Professional Pool Tables

If you like to relax and blow off steam with a friendly game of pool, then you’ll love hanging out with your friends around one of our ten professional pool tables. You’ll enjoy the top-notch equipment in our pool room right down to the high-end pool cools. Grab a drink or a bite to eat at our bar, chalk up that pool cue, reminisce with your friends about past DragonCon conventions or plan out the rest of your stay all while enjoying a game of pool.

Make it Your Mission to Have Fun with Tactical Laser Tag?

Are video games your thing? Then you will greatly enjoy the state-of-the-art laser tag experience when you come to Metro Fun Center during your stay for DragonCon this year. With realistic weapons from Adventure Sports HQ, and painstakingly designed missions that can take you anywhere from a zombie invasion to the Secret Service you’ll really feel like you are inside of a video game. You’ll love using tactics and strategy to defeat the opposing team. Be sure to bring your friends and join us in our laser tag arena to add this one of a kind experience to your visit for DragonCon this year.

Eat and Play all in One Place

We know that when you’re attending DragonCon you want to make the most of your trips outside of the convention. With several dining options from quick bites and snacks to delicious sit-down meals and 120,000 square feet of fun under our roof, Metro Fun Center has you covered. Grab a drink and a bite to eat at our bowling bar and relax with friends before returning to your lane or gather at our Metro Café to sit and enjoy a quick bite to eat. There are plenty of options for food and drink as well as a variety of fun to share with your friends when you choose Metro Fun Center during your stay for DragonCon.

Visit Metro Fun Center When You Attend DragonCon this Year

If you want to pack the most possible fun into your stay in Atlanta, GA for DragonCon this year, be sure to gather your friends and make the quick trip over to Metro Fun Center!
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