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While everyone loves a good party, there can often be a highly recognizable monotony to adult celebrations. For your next gathering, why not try for something a little different? Step up your party game to an adult skating & bowling party at Metro Fun Center.

A day at the rink can create a unique and affordable experience your guests will never forget. As a spacious 120,000 square foot mega entertainment center complex in Atlanta, Metro Fun Center can accommodate whoever you invite and all but guarantee an evening full of fun, laughs, and memories.

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Why Have an Adult Skating & Bowling Party?

Remember how much you looked forward to your birthdays as a kid? Was it the presents or the thought of the party that kept you awake? If you’re being honest, it was probably just as much the latter as the former. In fact, our friends’ birthday parties were often just as exciting as our own — especially if they were being held somewhere new and interesting.

Metro Fun Center’s adult skating and bowling parties create the perfect opportunities for you to recapture the nostalgia of your youth. Most importantly, we’ll do the heavy lifting, planning, and cleaning up; while you and your guests bowl and skate your celebration away.

Adult Bowling & Cosmic Bowling in Metro Atlanta

At Metro Fun Center, we offer more than 30 fast lanes of bowling and the space for up to 600 of your closest friends and family members to strike up a good time. On Fridays and Saturdays, we offer Cosmic Bowling, which includes a live DJ spinning your favorite tracks along with black lights, and disco lights for the grooviest backdrop. As an added convenience, shoe rental prices are bundled with the per person rate, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Recapture Your Youth with an Adult Skating & Bowling Party

Atlanta roller rinks and bowling alleys are more than just places to drop off the teenagers while you run errands. They’re halls of nostalgia where you can feel good about feeling like a kid again. As soon as you and your guests walk through the door, the fondest memories of your youth will rush to the forefront of your mind. Add to these memories the perks of being a legal adult now — with full access to the onsite bars — and you have a recipe for an unforgettable shindig everyone in attendance will talk about for years to come.

Contact Metro Fun Center for Adult Skating & Bowling Parties

So if anyone asks, “Why have an adult skating & bowling party?,” you can respond by saying that you’re looking to capture the best of both worlds. And Metro Fun Center can help! We offer experienced party planners who can help you create the night of your life. Best of all, at the end of the night, you don’t have to worry with cleaning up. You can simply go home, relax, and enjoy the memories of your unique, one-of-a-kind adult skating and bowling party.

Contact Metro Fun Center today for help planning your next adult skating and bowling party.

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