Graduation Night Fun in Metro Atlanta

Are you looking for the perfect place to host your graduation party this year? Look no further! Metro Fun Center in Atlanta, GA, is the exciting location you’re seeking. With so many entertaining activities and delicious food, you’re sure to have an excellent send-off for your final high school year. There’s no better place to enjoy friends, fun, and fantastic entertainment.Read on to see why you should be choosing Metro Fun Center to celebrate your last year of high school.

Endless Fun and Excitement

Nowhere else in Atlanta, GA, can you find so many incredible activities packed into one location.• Enjoy bowling with your friends with over 30 lanes, enough to easily accommodate any graduating class. • Zip and zoom around our indoor skating rink, with a 500-person capacity. • Older students can try their hand at a tense game of pool with ten professional, high-end tables and equipment (you must be at least 18 to play). • Sneak, shoot, and strategize through our tactical laser tag arena. • Try your gaming skills in our top tier arcade.There’s so much to do within the walls of Metro Fun Center. See for yourself how you can spend your graduation celebration enjoying all we have to offer.

Delicious Food Options

Hungry after a long night of play? Interested in making a pit stop to re-fuel before your next activity?Metro Fun Center offers several food options to help get you through your night.• High school seniors can enjoy the eclectic menu of the Metro Cafe, which carries classic bar food. • Get your quick sugar fix at our playland concession stand, which provides kid-friendly options. • Our bowling bar gives you that much needed break after a few rounds. • And, coming soon, our Marquis Rest & Lounge will give a more relaxed option for those looking to sit down and rest for their meal. • If you’re busy skating, we’ve also got a skating concession stand.There’s no shortage of beverages, food, or relaxation!

Book Graduation Night Events Online

Interested in hosting your graduation event at Metro Fun Center? We offer booking online, so you can get started planning right away. No need to call and schedule. You can book today by selecting your packages and activities, or you can submit your details and we’ll get you in touch with a personal party planner. Either way, it’s easy to plan your graduation extravaganza.

Celebrate Graduation Night at Metro Fun Center in Atlanta, GA

Don’t wait–book online today and get started on your Atlanta graduation party planning. We have all sorts of activities for you to enjoy, so there’s no reason not to head to Metro Fun Center for your graduation party needs.Browse our website for more information or contact us today to see how you can plan your most memorable night. Eat, drink, bowl, play, skate–all here at Metro Fun Center.