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Metro Fun Center has delicious and tantalizing food and drink options located throughout our facility. Whether you’re interested in a quick and tasty burger and fries, salads, Philly Cheese Steak, or pizza, or want to enjoy something special like our Sweet Chili Tofu bowl there’s enough on our new menus to please everyone. (Even finicky kids!) Be sure to try our Impossible Burger, made entirely from plants!

When you’re done you can get back to Atlanta’s best Skating and Bowling, Hologate and Arcades, Inflatapark, an Pool

Metro Fun Center guarantees great food and great fun around every corner. So what are you waiting for?

Metro Fun Center Delivers

Dine-in Options

Metro Fun Center, located at 1959 Metropolitan Pkwy, SW Atlanta, GA 30315, features these great dining options. Frow quick bites and snacks located the throughout our 120,000 square foot entertainment complex, to sit-down restaurants, bars and lounges, you’ll never go hungry!

Marquis Restaurant, Lounge and Hookah Bar

Marquis Rest & Lounge


Sit back, relax and enjoy tasty drinks and a smooth hookah in our lounge area on the weekend. 

Metro Cafe food selections in Atlanta

Metro Cafe

Just need a quick bite to eat in between games? Meet your friends at the Metro Café and enjoy a wide selection of tasty meals!

Metro Fun Center Quick Stop Restaurant Pizza

Metro Quick Stop

Looking for casual, fast food to feed your family before they get back to fun and games?Try the Metro Quick Stop!

 Bartender at Metro Fun Center's Bowling Bar in Atlanta, GA

Bowling Bar

Take a break from bowling with friends to grab a high-quality drink and food at Metro Fun Center’s Bowling Bar. 

Nachos at Atlanta Skating Rink concession

Skating Concession

Roller Skating can burn a lot of calories. Refuel at the Metro Fun Center Skating Concession and head back onto the rink.

The Impossible Burgner at Atlanta's Metro Fun Center entertainment complex

Healthy Choices

Metro Fun Center offers a number of healthy and vegan choices for our patrons, from our Impossible Burger, to Sweet Chili Tofu Bowls and Fish Salads.

Food Delivery

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